Phone not ringing, and phone calls not showing up on "My Usage Details"

JoylfitzJoylfitz Posts: 31FreedomPop Newbie
Since December 9th, 2015, the Usage Details for phone calls have not been updated. So now, not only does my phone not ring when people call me, but I can't even check the usage details like I could before, to see who I missed.

I posted another discussion about my phone not ringing when people called me and I discovered the severity of it when I checked the "My Usage Details" on the Freedompop billing page. Because I finally realized that my phone will never work and I basically was scammed $200 for a year long subscription, I resigned myself to just checking the Usage Details on a daily basis to see what calls I missed. Honestly, now I just have a very expensive paperweight that texts, sometimes.

Since the day I got the phone in June it has not worked. This is my third or fourth new discussion and I have made several calls to customer service (2hour long phone call after waiting on hold for 20 minutes) and sent messages on facebook and via email. Everyone stops responding to me once I have completed their trouble shooting suggestions (which are all repeats) I have updated my MSL, PRL, taken the battery out, updated the app, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. etc. I have done it all.


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