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I have recently gotten a new FreedomPop phone and would like to switch it to my old account. Please help me. Thanks!


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    Create a new account with the new phone. Make sure phone is working great!
    Come back here and ask for admin to switch phones between the accounts. You can choose to keep or close the new account with the old phone in it.
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  • PhoneNewbiePhoneNewbie Posts: 22FreedomPop Newbie
    I am asking admin to switch phones between accounts, maybe I didn't word that too well. As for the info, I would much rather pm an admin than post it to the public, so if an admin sees this please contact me!
  • Hello @PhoneNewbie

    I would be glad to assist you with this request, would you please send me a private message providing me with the account email. Once I have the following information I will further assist you!
  • Nicolas ElguezabalNicolas Elguezabal Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    The person I talked to on the phone said that they would send a RMA code and instructions on what to do next within three days. It has now been almost a week and I haven't heard anything. Can someone help me exchange my device?
  • @Nicolas Elguezabal

    Can you please provide me with a brief description of your issue. :3
  • jskiptonjskipton Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    my nephew i have purchase 2 new phones from freedompop and we all ready had old accounts we would like to switch phones between accounts can somebody please help me and also tell me are we going to have to pay another activation fee
  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,387 admin
    @jskipton Please send me and @Karina Magana a private message containing the account emails and detailing which devices you would like to be swapped out for. Sorry about the delay in reply but next time I would suggest in creating a new discussion thread to avoid be missed :)
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    Wrong information was given to me

    I also tried to switch phone last week, due to the decommission of WiMax network. I was offered to activate another phone (my own) with no extra cost. I was told to pay for $19.99 for activation on a new line, and I would receive a refund on either the new line, or the old line. He got authorization from his supervisor. The reality is the refund never comes. When called billing department, I was told refund could not be issued to old account, nor the new account. Looks like the agent was misled, and gave me wrong advise.
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    @Yusong Sun I will be sending you a private message in order to gather some personal information so we may take a look into your concern. I wil be closing this thread now as we will be assisting you through PM :)
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