Bootloop on Nexus 5- Stuck no matter what!

Glenn BirkenfeldGlenn Birkenfeld Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
So out of now where my FreedomPop Nexus 5 which I got in May is stuck in a bootloop. Rebooted the phone and only receiving the "spinning dots" that would normally happend during boot. At this point I have tried everything via I've tried recovery from from stock (5.0.1), to 5.1 to Marshmellow. Did wipes/earase each time to no avail. When I 'upgrade' to Marshmellow I get the new Google animation (the 4 wheels) instead of the dots but phone never boots. I've then downgraded back to stock once again and the boot screen changes accordingly but I can never boot to Android, only to the Bootloader (via Power + Volup/Voldn).

I'm at a loss at this point- any ideas?


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  • Glenn BirkenfeldGlenn Birkenfeld Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
    Update: My only solution thus far is downgrading to 4.4.4. That gets me out of the bootloop (however I don't know if that will work with FreedomPop or not). If I try to upgrade from either the System Update (to 5.0.1) or Wugfresh I get stuck back in the bootoop. Sigh. I guess I will see if 4.4.4 will work with FP. ;-(
  • Glenn BirkenfeldGlenn Birkenfeld Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
    So @djinks thanks! I had seen this but jeez did it seem like there had to be a better way!
    Welp, there wasn't. ;)

    Good news- I went through the process and it finally worked and operating on v6.0.1 now with FreedomPop.

    I will say it was fairly complicated. I give kudos to the author(s) although there are some elements that are less than clear. The writeup can be cleaned up somewhat and maybe I'll give that a shot as a "thank you" as I am grateful to have it back working, albeit taking a lot longer then I would have imagined.

    On a side note- the fact hat freedompop doesn't support group messaging is a real negative. If this is not corrected in the next few months after my "free year" is up then I am going to move back to Ting.

    If anyone encounters this issue know as "bootlooping" and has a problem, drop me a line and will be happy to help.

  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,387 admin
  • Glenn BirkenfeldGlenn Birkenfeld Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
    Thanks @Jorge M.
    Tthat would be awesome. :) Any insight about a possible ETA? B)
  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,387 admin
    @Glenn Birkenfeld I will try to get a better estimate but looking like a couple weeks away ;)
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