ok..I still have not been able to use my mifi 4082 hotspot,

Every since I downgraded to the free plan, It hasn't worked, I ve tried resetting it, half the time I cant even get it to come up on the browser or URL. on my phone it says connected, but it doesn't connect. if its because I owe $3.99 for last month, I don't see why you can't take it out of my $12.. I got left, They tried telling me that my $20 wasn't any good after 30 days, and that is not acceptable for me. I started in Aug. 2015, abnd last monh was the first time I went over on my data... and they sure did take it out of that twenty.. so please help me, or do I need to deactivate this account? and open a new one?


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    Hi, I am just a user like you and has a 4082. The 4082 is a 3G + WiMax device. The free plan means you only get 4G. WiMax has been turned of by Sprint, so that is why it appears you don't have service. You should call Freedompop on the phone and see if they can offer you a LTE device. I also have the Mifi 500 3G/LTE and it works well. You might have to pay $50 for the new hotspot.
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    If you are paying $3.99 monthly for Pro service to include 3G access, it should be working if there is 3G service in your area.

    If you owe $3.99 and it wasn't able to process on the credit card, then the account is in suspension. You need help of an admin or customer service agent to clean it up. Retyping the credit card info again might fix things if card is good to go, now.
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