OK Google, text not working

Nicholas ThomasNicholas Thomas Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
Voice command does not work with text. However it works to say OK Google, call or OK google, email. I was lost for a while because the phone says that the text was sent but latter found out it was not.

S4 android 5. Last month I had the trial period and now I have downgraded to free. I tried not to install hangouts but it is listed as an app. I have a google account so many things were loaded from google like my address book from google.

I really like the voice command because I don't type well with my thumbs. Any suggestions?


  • Marc JosephMarc Joseph Posts: 172FreedomPop Newbie
    It won't work for texts because OK Google will try to send texts through the stock messaging app, rather than the Freedompop messaging app. You can still use voice to create texts by tapping the microphone on the Google keyboard while in the freedompop messaging app.
  • Nicholas ThomasNicholas Thomas Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you so much. I never saw that little microphone. First smart phone ever so I have much to learn.
  • Nicholas ThomasNicholas Thomas Posts: 8FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you.
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    Is 'OK Google' not working on your device? Know how to fix the same
    'OK Google' is the voice command application which offers complete Google services to the users through the voice. This feature reduces the effort related to the surfing or browsing. Now the users can start by saying OK Google and then their needs. Google will present the search result within a quick span of time. This is a great app.

    Despite having the excellent features, sometimes OK Google stops responding and as a result users get an issue ‘OK Google not working’, but the solution is simple and to fix the issue, users need to perform multiple tasks and the same are listed below.

    Ok Google not working | Quick FIx
    Selection of relevant language

    'OK Google' runs with the voice command, i.e. speaking language. The default language is the US English, if your selected language is another one, then:

    · Open Google App.

    · Go to the menu section and select Settings.

    · Tap on Voice section and there, you will get multiple options; tap on Language.

    · Thereafter, language list will appear, select ‘English US’ and tap on Save.

    Check Microphone of your device

    Sometimes, the debris gets accumulated in the device and as a result, microphone does not work properly and if OK Google is not working and you need to confirm this reason behind the issue, then open Google App and at the right end, you will find the microphone icon, if it is bold then your microphone is working fine and if you found the microphone icon in dotted line, then clean the debris from your device.

    Update Google App

    · Open Google Play Store.

    · Tap on the Menu icon and select ‘My apps and games’.

    · Thereafter, list of applications will appear; select Google App and tap Update.

    The above-said methods will resolve your issues, if still persist then update the language pack and for the same, open Language settings and then select ‘offline speech recognition’. Now tap on ‘English US’ and further tap on ‘Update’. After completing the process, restart your device and then look for OK Google. This time, it will work perfectly.
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    My problem is this: I activate the keyboard microphone and start dictating. I only see text for the first few words of my message. The microphone is still on and 'whirling', but I can't see any text coming out. Do I need the MMS/SMS feature on my account to correct this?
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