Premium Service added without my consent

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I was shocked to see that premium service was added without my knowledge two months back. I rarely use my phone and it is used only by my toddler to watch videos over wifi. I was on the free plan and freedompop added this service two months back and has been charging me for 2 months.. I am really worried about this unethical act from freedompop to activate a service without my consent. There was no email or phonecall saying that it was activated..

There is no customer support to call and enquire regarding this. I want a refund. How do I go about this..
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    What do you mean there is no customer support to call? Try Googling "Freedompop Customer Service". I think they are there Mon - Fri, but they have been very helpful refunding my double charges every month for the last three months.

    Here you go:
    Customer service: 1 (888) 743-8107
    Technical support: 1 (855) 703-5785
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    Thanks. I did not find this number in the support page of freedompop. All I could see was the mail page. Thanks again. I will check with them regarding this. Thanks again
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