Have to reinstall 19.01.483.0331 to receive texts and calls every time I reboot my phone. (Victory)

mcgreggers99mcgreggers99 Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
After updating the messaging app to 19.01.483.0331 I've lost the ability to receive calls while on wifi and can't receive texts at all after restarting my phone.

I've tried the usual tricks to get the phone working again including Syncing account data in the app as well as updating the PRL and Profile of the phone. I've even tried dialing ##72786#.

This seems like some kind of issue with push notifications or a service on my phone.

I can always send texts and place calls, but until I reinstall the app I'm unable to receive any text messages and I can't receive calls while on a wifi connection.

Once the app is re-installed I'm all good to send and receive calls and texts on wifi and 4g until I power the phone off again.

Has anyone ever seen this? I'm on a Samsung Victory.


  • mcgreggers99mcgreggers99 Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
    I figured it out but I'm still stuck. It appears to be related to the newest version of Google Play Services. I set this back to the factory default and freedompop messaging was working for calls and texts after reboot, However after doing so many of my other apps were telling me that I needed to update my Google Play Service for them to work (Netflix,Twitch...etc.) However once I do update the play service again though I'm right back where I was and I need to uninstall and redownload the freedomppp messaging app in order for it to work any time I restart my phone.

    Has anyone else had problems with the newest release of Google Play Services?
  • mcgreggers99mcgreggers99 Posts: 13FreedomPop Newbie
    Still not sure about the fix for this, but I resolved my problem by restoring a backup I made of my phone from a year ago. Thank god for rooting. The phone is running better now too.

    I'm hopeful that as long as I don't uninstall currently installed version of play services that the phone should remain stable.
  • JenJen Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    I was told by Freedompop to update my PRL and then reinstall the Messenger app. I now receive texts but I am still having problems receiving calls, and it's been doing this for a month or so. My phone won't even tell me a call is coming, so I won't know that someone is calling or has called until the voicemail pops up. It's really frustrating.
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