sierra wireless 250u

calanthecalanthe Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I bought a sierra wireless 250u usb modem from the isp clear. Since clear has stopped providing internet access, I am stuck with a useless modem. Can I get a sim card from freedom pop and replace my clear card with it? Does anyone else have any other suggestions as to how I can utilize this modem? I understand that I can't use 4g wiimax but I can at least get some 3g usage out of it. Thanks for the help.


  • Marc JosephMarc Joseph Posts: 172FreedomPop Newbie
    Frankly, you're probably better off trashing it. For one, I don't think that you can activate BYOB modems on FreedomPop. Second, you can buy a Netgear 341U USB modem from FreedomPop for $20. With it, you can get free LTE coverage. Even if you could activate your 250U, it would then cost $4.00 a month for 3G coverage (3G is NOT free with FreedomPop modems and hotspots), plus the cost of the SIM and possibly an activation charge. It doesn't really seem like it would be worth it, unless you're in an area without LTE coverage. You can find the Netgear off here (hopefully the link works)-
  • calanthecalanthe Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
    Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, I need to do everything I can to make my device work, and I don't mind the monthly fee so long as it's reliable.
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