Avoid this horrible company at all costs.

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I have been with freedompop for a year and recently I have found they are only here to push the b stock they have and ignore anything you have to say to customer service. I came to freedompop with an old android phone from my old sprint account, I was able to sign up online and activate it without having to deal with anyone on a phone line. I used this phone for almost a year until my wife who is currently on a sprint account purchased a new phone removed her old one (which had been active for 18 months on that account) and gave said phone to me which was a huge upgrade, and this is where the bad part begins. I called freedompop to ask them what I need to do to remove my current phone from my account and add the one my wife just gave me, after being told 4 different things and transferred 6 times I am told I have to cancel my current account outright sign up with a new email and password and pay another activation fee, of course trusting the company I agree the rep cancels my account even though it is 1 day into the new billing cycle and tells me there will be no prorated refund, this is my first red flag. I go on to speak to a young lady who constantly interrupts me and asks if I want to try a new HTC desire 510 for $40 I say no I have a nice phone here i want to use after 5 times of telling her no I don't want to try a phone and have it get here 3 days from now she inputs my MEID (I checked it before I called on ringplus ting and freedompop and it came back fine) she comes back on the line and tells me there is an outstanding balance on the phone and to quote her "if you just paid your bills you would be able to use this phone my suggestion to you sir is to pay your bills and call us back then) I ask to speak to a supervisor because I can't believe she spoke to a customer like that. I get on the line with a supervisor he proceeds to offer to give me an HTC 4 times before I finally ask has he heard me at all say I don't want a new phone I want to know why they say this phone is flagged. The supervisor says I need to call sprint and get a flag removed, OK, I call Sprint and my wife and I speak to them and they assure us the phone is fine there is no account no balance nothing associated with the device it is clean to use anywhere and they even unlock it for us to prove it. I call T-mobile, AT&T, Cricket, and a few other companies and get the same thing "yes we would love to have you as a customer please take our service" being loyal I decide I want to stay with freedompop. I call freedompop with an email from sprint saying the phone is fine and I get the same response so I check my MEID number on freedompop ting and ringplus and now out of nowhere it shows the device didn't pass a Financial Eligibilty Date check. I then get real pissed off because before i called freedompop this wasn't happening so I email freedompop customer service explain all that has happened and include a log of all calls all online chats etc from myself and sprint trying to find out how this phone suddenly doesn't meet an FED check even though it was active 12 months past the required time with no interruption in service. I get an email back this morning with this
"Hi Jeremy!

Thank you for contacting FreedomPop Online Services. My name is Mia and I will be the agent assisting you with your concern regarding unable to activate your device.

Please check the link My device didn't pass a financial eligibility check - now what?.

If you have additional questions, comments or concerns, I am happy to further assist you. Have a great day! Again, thank you for contacting FreedomPop." so now not only do they not listen to me on the phone they also ignore what I tell them in an email. I hope that some of you out there will read this and move away from this awful company and give your hard earned money to ringplus ting anyone else but these people who care nothing about their customers. I will be filing a complaint with the **** and the FCC over their practices and the fact I was not issued a prorated refund even though my account was canceled by them 1 day into the billing cycle. I hope this helps others and if anyone from customer service reads this I hope you all realize you can't treat people like ATMs, and before anyone trying to be helpful asks no I will not be posting my account or my MEID on here for someone to find and clone.


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    Salty AF. Its not FP your phone didn't past the FED.
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