if i have the free sim card and i was to purchase a phone would it come with another sim card?

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If i have a sim card already would i get another one if i ordered a phone


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    No, unless the seller states that a sim is included, also it would have to be a FP sim card.
    AND you need a unlocked GSM phone, 4.0+ os or 7.0+ ios.
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    yes if you order a cdma phone from FreedomPop it will come with a sim card
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    If i have a sim card already would i get another one if i ordered a phone

    Any Phone, Hotspot, Usb or Modem will have a sim card based on the carrier used. GSM will have a global sim card, and CDMA will have a Sprint Sim.

    Only GSM sim are interchangeable, CDMA sim are carrier and phone based. Here is a Great post to give you an idea of the difference in Sims and Phones. All sim's used with BYOD, or FreedomPop's CDMA phone will have Sprint sims-


    So Purchasing a new phone, you would have to open a new account. You would have the GSM sim account, and the Phone account.

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