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I recently purchased a iPhone 7 Plus, (sprint) its clean, passes FED check. but called freedompop today and said couldn't activate it. I should have checked the compatibility list. Is there anyway I can get this activated? or does anyone know when it will be allowed on the network? thanks.


  • mistororangemistororange Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    Update some freedompop help on twitter said my esn isn't passing there fec check , which makes no sense , tests fine on ting , tello, and everyone else, so I think this is a problem on FreedomPop's end, can a technician or someone help me please thanks
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    I don't believe FreedomPop has the ability to unlock a fec check that is linked to Sprint's listings. I am not certain, but it wouldn't make sense to me. This article may be an interesting read, but it is a petition to Sprint, and doesn't have any listed possible solutions.
    May I ask f your phone is global, as in can it support sim cards? I have a cdma sprint device running a gsm sim, should also accept a LTE sim, provided it is network unlocked. This should get around any FEC, but it may not be ideal, depending on whether you get the neded bands used by (3G) T-Mobile or ATT or (LTE) ATT to have a decent data speed.
  • Patrick PhillipsPatrick Phillips Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    The problem is, there isn't a FEC failing , if so, the imei wouldn't pass ting, tello, or any other place I try it at. It seems to be specific to freedompop, also noticed the iphone 7 wasn't on there compatibility list. so im just wondering if freedompop has some deal with sprint, to not let it yet, cause its too new or something. Which wouldn't make sense either since I can take it to ting right now if I wanted too and as for the sim, the iPhone 7 models, are different for cdma and gsm, so I woudln't be able to use a sim. sucks I wish I could just get a time estimate on when this phone will be supported, so I know rather to sell this phone or not.
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